Vote for a Leader, not for a Magician

Voting. The act of waiting in line for two to four hours to shade circles that are printed on extra long bond papers and have your fingers inked in the hopes of electing someone who would miraculously solve all our problems. So why notĀ find the Wizard of Oz because, in just three taps, all your wishes will come true. We all just need to hold … Continue reading Vote for a Leader, not for a Magician


A Group of Pricks is Called a Cactus

If we could gather up all the unreasonable, irresponsible, immature people we have met, we could make ourselves a cactus. We could pin them one by one on a green cushion from bottom to top and let it stand upright to make it look like a legitimate spiny plant. Though it would be a site to see, it will be unpleasant to come too close. … Continue reading A Group of Pricks is Called a Cactus


Coron Alone

Because I got free tickets to travel, I dared myself to go travel alone. And where else should I go? Coron Palawan, Philippines! Who needs selfies when you can take a miniature photo of yourself =P And of course, you must never miss taking a picture in the ever famous Kayangan Lake of Coron! Visit my blog for more travel information in the Philippines Continue reading Coron Alone